Cabinet Repairs Or Replacement in California

General Contractor

Are your cabinets badly deteriorated? We have the solution: cabinets may need to be replaced or completely repaired. You can get the feel of a new kitchen or bathroom without the time – or budget – needed to install new cabinets.


Depending on the condition of your cabinets and the style you want, you have several options with a Prime Home Builders expert. Smaller-scale work includes cleaning and minor repairs to scuffs, scratches and dents or touching up missing colors and finishes. Or, for a complete transformation, update the paint or stain or resurface your cabinets with new veneers and door fronts.

The Best Cabinet Repairs Services in California

A complete kitchen renovation can take weeks, if not months. If the layout of your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t change, you can save a lot with a cabinet renovation instead of replacing them entirely. Especially if you like the elements of your cabinets or countertops, a simpler renovation or even changing the paint or stain on the cabinets can have a big impact.


However, for a complete style update, a cabinet reface may be a better option. Updating cabinet boxes with a new veneer or laminate and swapping out old doors and drawer fronts for new ones in styles like paneling, among other things, will achieve a refreshed space without having to completely disassemble it.