Cabinet Painting in California

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A bathroom remodel can be a fantastic way to ensure that your needs are met and that the most private room in the house reflects your personal tastes. Our experienced team is experienced in all types of bathroom renovations, including sophisticated master bathroom remodels and small bathroom remodels that maximize space.


What’s more, when you work with Prime Home Builders, you’re guaranteed the highest quality standards. We know how difficult it can be to work around a bathroom that is under construction. Likewise, we will complete the work on time and on budget so you can enjoy your new space.

We Provide High Quality Cabinet Painting Services in California

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with Prime Home Builders Now!


If you are tired of the way your kitchen cabinets look, you don’t have to pay to have a new kitchen installed. Now you can save money and give your kitchen a better look by having your cabinets refinished. In fact this work requires a lot of labor and craftsmanship, so it is best to hire experienced professionals from Prime Home Builders. Plus, with us, you can be sure that the work will be done with skill and precision.


Likewise, we have several options for cabinet refinishing. They can be painted on site, removed and sprayed in the yard or elsewhere. They can also be taken off-site for a more controlled refinishing. The time it takes to refinish cabinets will depend on how many you have. Typically, it takes anywhere from a couple of days to a week. Contact us now for more information.