Irrigation System Installation in California

General Contractor

Prime Home Builders is your trusted team for sprinkler and irrigation services in the California area. We are licensed throughout the state, providing high quality irrigation designs, installations for commercial systems, parks, and other properties.


We can handle your water no matter where it comes from. Whether it’s from wells, canals, lakes, or city water, we can deal with it for your irrigation needs. We can also convert your old mechanical irrigation systems into efficient and reliable electric systems.

Professional Irrigation Systems Installation in California

With our high quality irrigation installations, we make it easy to care for your residential or commercial lawn or landscape. We offer automatic systems that water your lawn at scheduled times to save you time, money and water. All irrigation systems come with a written warranty!


Call us today for high-quality irrigation solutions from our experienced technicians. We also install modern controllers complete with dashboard access so you can monitor your system remotely.