Electrical Panel Upgrade in California

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First of all, at Prime Home Builders we offer the best electrical services. That’s why, as technology improves and the use of electrical devices increases, older electrical systems may not be sufficient to supply enough power to your home. If your electrical supply is inadequate or unreliable, or if you are planning an expansion of your electrical system, it may be necessary to upgrade the electrical panel.


If a planned rewiring, construction project or problems with your electrical require an upgrade to your electrical panel or breaker box, a licensed electrician can complete your project. Your electrical contractor will evaluate your current fuse box or breaker panel to determine if repairs, expansion or installation of a new electrical panel is the best way to resolve system problems or allow for proper service.


After inspecting the panel and discussing the work with you, your professional can determine the complexity of the work and give you an estimate of the time and cost involved. When it’s time to begin the panel upgrade project, the electrician will obtain local permits and get to work. Your professional’s license and insurance can give you confidence that the work will be done correctly and safely.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

The Best Electrical Panel Upgrade Services in California

The main power line connects directly to a power meter on the outside of your house. Likewise, the line goes directly to the electrical panel. Your home’s electrical panel is usually located in a garage, utility room, closet or basement. It is usually painted gray.


What’s more, when you look inside the electrical panel, you’ll see rows of switches. These are the breakers that distribute the main electrical line into smaller branches. Some of the breakers are duplicated or triplicated because they power appliances that require large loads of electricity, such as air conditioners and electric dryers. On the inside of the electrical panel door there should be a label indicating the location of outlets and appliances according to switch numbers. The breakers also have numbers that indicate how many amps the branch line can handle before the breaker is tripped. The electrical panel also has a main circuit breaker that can shut off power to the entire system.


Prime Home Builders is proud to be part of the team. We know that not everyone is capable of performing home repairs – and electrical work is not a good DIY project! When you want to make electrical repairs or installations in your home, you need a professional electrician you can trust to get the work done right.