Landscaping & Maintenance in California

General Contractor

A beautiful landscape year-round makes a strong positive impression on visitors, tenants and employees. You can count on Prime Home Builders’ landscape maintenance crews to give your property the reputation for quality. Our team provides the expertise needed to care for your lawn, trees, shrubs and plants – providing a natural environment that enhances the appeal of all your properties. Our property management services team will provide you with professional services within a schedule you can rely on, leaving you with precious time and resources to devote to the many other challenges of running your business.


What’s more, heavy rain, wind, hail and snow create safety hazards from debris, fallen branches and slippery conditions. But you can rest assured that Prime Home Builders’ best-in-class landscape management services have you covered when damaging weather hits. We’re your one-stop shop that can take care of everything for your property’s landscape maintenance. Together, we’ll establish a recovery plan to minimize damage and avoid risk.

Why choose our Landscaping & Maintenance service?

Keeping your lawn green, vibrant, healthy and weed-free is a job for experts. That’s why our licensed specialists offer regular lawn care services designed to ensure your landscape looks its best year-round.

Maintaining your lawn, just like maintaining your car or your heating and cooling system, is much more affordable than replacing it. It is more cost effective in the long run to schedule maintenance regularly than to wait for your lawn to become unhealthy or damaged beyond repair. With years of experience and state-of-the-art tools that we sharpen daily, Prime Home Builders can keep your landscape lush and beautiful year-round.

Whether you want to have the most beautiful landscape in the neighborhood or a safe place for kids and pets to play, our lawn maintenance services can offer the solutions you need. Our team is known for putting customers first and taking care of their lawns as if they were our own. As one of the best Landscaping & Maintenance service companies. At Prime Home Builders we take pride in what we do and truly enjoy it. We care about what we do, and it shows in the quality services we provide.