Wood Floor Refinishing in California

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A bathroom remodel can be a fantastic way to ensure that your needs are met and that the most private room in the house reflects your personal tastes. Our experienced team is experienced in all types of bathroom renovations, including sophisticated master bathroom remodels and small bathroom remodels that maximize space.


What’s more, when you work with Prime Home Builders, you’re guaranteed the highest quality standards. We know how difficult it can be to work around a bathroom that is under construction. Likewise, we will complete the job on time and on budget so you can enjoy your new space.

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What’s more, other companies take more than a week to refinish hardwood floors and generate a lot of dust and fumes in the process. With Prime Home Builders, you can refinish hardwood floors without worrying about these problems. Our process will restore the original color and shine of your floors, with many floors refinished in the shortest possible time!


Concerned about deep scratches, widespread discoloration or signs of heavy foot traffic? At Prime Home Builders we can restore badly worn or severely damaged hardwood floors. Our technicians will check and fill in the necessary areas of your floor and then follow up with our Classic Floor Refinishing service. When we’re done, your floors will look like new.


Get the beauty and durability you dream of and the comfort and affordability you want.