Electrical Rewiring in California

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Faulty or outdated electrical rewiring can be one of the most dangerous problems your home can encounter. Faulty electrical wiring is responsible for tens of thousands of home fires each year, and hundreds of deaths. If you think your home needs its wiring replaced, then it’s time to call a professional electrician like those at Prime Home Builders.

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The most serious causes of a major wiring problem are ground faults and short circuits. These are much more difficult to diagnose and require a professional.

A short circuit occurs when the live or “hot” wire comes in contact with the neutral wire, or comes in contact with a sudden lack of electrical resistance. This causes a massive amount of energy to flow in a place that is not designed to handle it, causing the circuit breaker to trip. This can also cause arcing or a massive amount of energy in a place it shouldn’t be, which can cause fires.

These problems are not specific to the circuits in your home, and can often be the cause of electrical faults or shocks in other systems, such as appliances and computers. However, a ground fault or short circuit in your home can cause major problems, such as fires. A qualified electrician is needed to diagnose and repair these problems. Therefore, call us to help you.