Construction Services in California

General Contractor

Prime Home Builders services include construction and remodeling experience that has spread throughout California. In fact, our team of professionals are known for their reliability and high quality work. Also, our high standards have helped us become California leading construction company.


What’s more, Prime Home Builders is the premier provider of commercial and residential construction in California. Likewise, we often have to work with the residents of the home and we are always very careful about how we do this. In fact, we are often commended for our consideration and sensitivity to the needs of the residents.

Residential & Commercial Construction Services in California

The quality in the execution of the projects is, without a doubt, our differentiating value. We offer you the peace of mind of having all your work, from the first steps, in our hands, including questions about the location, obtaining licenses, and everything that may involve an effort for you.


The flexibility to adapt to your tastes and needs is what our clients value most in us. Quality, creativity and your budget.


At Prime Home Builders we are at your service: we take the corresponding measurements at the job site, analyze them and offer a quote to the client. Once this point is reached, we can start the project.