Commercial Construction and Remodeling in California

General Contractor

Prime Home Builders is a company that offers its services to clients executing medium and large projects in the commercial and industrial field. Moreover, we focus on meeting the requirements of our customers, with a strict control throughout the process of project development, execution, production and delivery that stands out in the field of construction and restoration, remodeling, industrial flooring and large surface projectable plaster work, with quality standards, exceeding the expectations and requirements of our customers.

  • Construction Projects
  • Commercial Premises
  • Modern Space
  • Office Restoration

Commercial General Contractor in California

In fact, Prime Home Builders’ construction is specialized for the results of extensive experience in the construction of buildings for small and large businesses. Likewise, we offer high standards of engineering, quality control and project management in the construction of buildings. In addition. Prime Home Builders has the personnel, processes and specialized machinery to develop construction projects in the sectors of; commercial construction, industrial construction, engineering construction, civil construction, infrastructure construction and many more constructions.


That is why we have the personnel, experience and equipment for the development of projects in the Commercial Construction sector. We have the capacity for the development of commercial projects of different sizes, from expansions and minor adjustments to the construction of commercial premises, warehouses, offices, parking lots, shopping centers and much more.